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MAISON INDIGO animaux de nîmes

Image of MAISON INDIGO animaux de nîmes


Maison Indigo brings you an unique collection of children’s accessories and home decoration made out of recycled denim. Denim is an incredibly beautiful base material that only gains beauty over time. The fabric is extremely strong while getting softer and gaining character after heavily use over time. By re-using denim we give all these lovely qualities a longer lifecycle without using new raw materials.

All of our denim fabrics are carefully selected and professionally cleaned before it is used as base material for the products. The product is hand made in the Netherlands and sewn together with love by people with disabilities. Due to the nature of recycling the raw material, the appearance of the products will vary. All pieces are unique and that is our mark of quality!

You will have to chose between the elephant, the anteater and the fox - all around 60cm tall!